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enau Expands Its Horizon: Launches enau Solar GmbH and ZaunSys for Innovative Renewable Energy

In a strategic move towards pioneering sustainable energy solutions, enau GmbH has established enau Solar GmbH at Europastraße 7, 3902 AT - Vitis, Krems/Donau ATU 79342105. This significant development aligns with enau's commitment to shaping a greener future through innovative energy initiatives.

enau Solar GmbH: Shaping the Future of Renewable Energy

enau Solar GmbH emerges as a dynamic entity dedicated to spearheading renewable energy projects. With a focus on groundbreaking solutions, the company is set to contribute to the evolution of the energy landscape. From innovative solar technologies to avant-garde energy solutions, enau Solar GmbH is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable practices.

ZaunSys: Redefining Fencing Solutions

In tandem with enau Solar GmbH, enau has introduced ZaunSys, a brand exclusively dedicated to fence solutions. Operating under the domain, the brand not only showcases a diverse range of fencing products but also facilitates online payment and sales transactions. This strategic move expands enau's portfolio into the realm of security and aesthetics, offering cutting-edge fence solutions for various applications.

Pioneering the Future: A Dual Initiative

The establishment of enau Solar GmbH and the introduction of ZaunSys mark a dual initiative by enau to integrate renewable energy practices and innovative fencing solutions. This synergy positions enau as a holistic provider, addressing not only energy challenges but also contributing to the development of smart and secure environments.

Transformative Impact on Industries

With a phone number for contact at P: +43 676 4332516, enau invites collaboration, exploration, and partnership in its journey toward a sustainable and secure future. The initiatives taken are anticipated to have a transformative impact on industries, fostering eco-friendly practices and redefining conventional fencing standards.

Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth insights into enau's ventures by visiting our Blog & News section.


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Europastraße 7, 3902 AT - Vitis 
Krems/Donau ATU 79342105

P: +43 676 4332516


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P: +90 216 7092903


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